profiles of individuals

You have:

  • A new focus account for growth where the decision maker is known and there isn’t already a relationship
  • Changes in the client decision makers, disrupting your plans
  • A new sales lead needing to better understand a specific key contact
  • A big bid which is too important to lose

You get:

  • Job history, recognised skills, reputation through their career, reasons for leaving or joining organisations, promotion history and elements of their current role that they enjoy or may be struggling in
  • Personal background: Age, home, immediate family, personal hobbies and pastimes, holidays, outside interests or businesses, social media habits
  • Personality and communication preferences: Direct evidence or inferences of personality traits, personal values, ethics, drivers. Where possible we estimate Myers Briggs preferences – which helps with knowing how they take on and process data – and NLP – which gives you the language patterns most likely to resonate with them in communication¬†
  • Things to consider when approaching the individual: Contact strategy, ideas of specific events to meet them at, do’s and don’ts in your engagements with the individual
  • Current contact details: Business and personal (where available)



82% of business customers would pay more for a great experience. (Salesforce Survey, 2019)

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