profiles of competitors

You have:

  • Slowing growth rates within accounts or you are defending market share
  • Increasing numbers of lost bids in key regions
  • Talent going to competitors
  • More competition causing you to think differently about your response

You get:

  • Details on the competitor: strategy, plans, big bets, known issues, compelling events, fiscals, culture
  • Key people: what they are saying about the organisation and other views held including a sense of churn
  • Customers/Analysts/Press: what they are saying, good, bad and perspectives on plans and future
  • How to respond: messages that can be used in sales; marketing and bids
  • Characteristics of the competitor offering, including:
    • Geographic coverage including vertical
    • Go to market approach and commercials
    • Key messages
    • Customer service



82% of business customers would pay more for a great experience. (Salesforce Survey, 2019)

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