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B2B selling has changed. Getting to the decision makers is an uphill struggle, building solid relationships with them is almost impossible, and standing out among your competitors is harder than ever. Even the best new sales approaches have a surprisingly low chance of getting through.  


You may be asking why we’re doing this? Because we’ve been where you are. We know what we’re talking about. And we’re intolerant of just how hard it is to sell into the B2B market now. So we discovered why, and created the answer to the problem. It’s Insight to Sales.


Insight to Sales (I2S) is for sales people who are dissatisfied with vaguely relevant and untimely sales information needing hours of time to work into something usable. Our service provides specific, actionable sales and marketing insights at the right point in the buying cycle that help sales people develop new relationships and sell more services to the people who matter.  

The benefits


Improved conversations, using the buyers preferred communication style, give you stronger, more credible, loyal relationships


25% faster purchase 


20% increase in pipeline 


30% improvement in bid win-rate


30% increase in deal size



Because we focus on the buyer, our Insights products (for individuals, organisations, verticals or cities) make the sales cycle easier and quicker. And we fix that disconnect between you and the person who makes the decisions.

Insight to Sales is the ability to sell more, faster, and with higher client retention. And it’s easy to use. There’s no two-year systems implementation plan, no one year of training and embedding, and no months of waiting for a return on investment. The targets you need to hit right now, can be hit using Insight to Sales.

Request a demo and see for yourself. And as you do, we make you two promises:

  1. Insight to Sales asks you to turn your current approach on its head.  In a climate where it’s incredibly hard to get to the people who make the decisions and write the cheques, what do you have to lose? We’ve made it easy for you to use this different approach.
  2. In the individual and organizational insights profiles we give you, there will be something you can use that you’ve never seen before. And it will uplift any conversation you’re in with your client. We stand behind it 100% because that’s what 100% of our clients have said.




I2S combines the best of all the buyer insights you’ll need (unlike research agencies, social listening offers and purely online sales or marketing plays who sell one or a few elements). The best research, web scraping, business intelligence, psychological communications techniques, industry understanding and sales and marketing experience to deliver the right personalized insight at the right time in the way the buyer will best respond to it.

But do you already think you have insights covered?

Think again
Insight mining

We’ve got so caught up with our ‘digital transformation’ that the meaning of insights has become fluid.  Yet it’s not.  Real insights, actionable insights, are items of engagement gold that give you the edge in a sales approach; relationship or conversation.  Insights can only be verified and tested with a human being because they are the sum of the parts of the data; the information and the knowledge.  Insights are valuable and perishable because, like humans, they change and mature.  That’s what makes them so hard to keep track of.  Unless you use Insight to Sales.

Buying and selling has changed beyond recognition
Insight profiles

The delivery mechanisms for communications have changed significantly over the last 25 years.  And purchasing habits have followed this. 25 years ago, we went to a shop, maybe chatted to an assistant; maybe took in a few similar shops in our local town and made our purchase directly, limited by the choices available to us. Now, we have unlimited choice online and buy goods up to moderate value level without speaking to anyone. Sometimes we check in with a live chat or phone the helpline when we actually need to talk to a person before we can decide or we can’t find what we want or we are a bit confused. And it’s not that different in the B2B world.

But ultimately, buyers are still people
Your buyer's journey

In the world of large corporate sales, it’s still people buying from people. And to do this well, we must make sure we truly know and understand our clients.  We can fall into the trap of thinking like a seller when the buyer doesn’t relate to how well qualified they are or where they are in the sales funnel. They have needs and if we don’t start with one of them we don’t start at all.  They are real people with feelings and pressures. In the digital world, we need insights about them as individuals, about their organization; about their challenges, hopes and what makes them tick if we want to make ourselves heard, build a rapid rapport and be successful in selling our services.

Insight to Sales helps you sell more to those people
Building the tools to support your teams


It’s a fact that the definition of insights can be misunderstood. We have data, a field in a spreadsheet which on its own means little. We have information when data is combined. For example, a name with an address. It is often related to people, a place or a time. We have knowledge when we combine information into a whole and can describe how things function. 

Then we have Insight where we join the wholes together to allow us to make decisions based on principles and experience. It’s this whole picture that lets you take the most informed, best action to fast track your way to the people who make the decisions or write the cheques. In a nutshell, it’s Insight to Sales.

Already have a digital delivery mechanism in place?

Our Insight to Sales solutions can work alongside or independently to other common sales assets such as SalesForce allowing you to create a seamless output to engage and enable your sales and marketing teams

Some of our clients choose to update content with our help within their current digital portals, and others like to receive insights in pdf format to add to their collateral libraries for example, it really is that easy.

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